Thursday, May 18, 2017

Rabbits Have an Odd Way Courting. . . . .

  The rabbits to the left have been the inspiration for many a story as we sit around the fire pit. They have kept us entertained for about two weeks. Most of what we made up cannot be shared here. Let's just say we had great laughs at the rabbit's sexual expense.
  It is the mating season in the country for most birds and animals. Rabbits mate every chance they get and as often as possible. As we watched these two rabbits in action, the one liners were flying. 
  It all started with one rabbit and a small patch of barren ground where he or she would come every day just before sundown and roll around in the dirt. I have never seen such pure contentment on a rabbit's face as I did when he scratched his back. His routine seldom varied. He would jump up in the air, flip over and hit the dusting spot with his back. He loved it. He would wiggle and squirm around giving himself the best back massage a rabbit could possibly have. Evidently, this rabbit could not keep a secret because before we knew it he was joined by another rabbit. At first, rabbit number one, we named him 'Fred' was not all that happy to share his pile of dust. The second rabbit we named 'Ethel', was eager to get her back scratched and did not care what Fred thought. As Ethel walked up close to the 'scratching area', Fred took off hopping in her direction at a full run; they jumped at each other in mid air about a foot off the ground. Bam!!! Ethel hit Fred in the nose. Then he jumped on her back and sort of barked. The next thing we saw was Fred running away. To my surprise Ethel sat there pondering what had just happened. Fred stopped running on the other side of my flower bed and peeped around the corner at Ethel. She did not move for five minutes. Fred flipped around and went in search of his dust pile down by the pond.

Ethel decided to move around a little bit. Before we knew it she was at the pond with Fred. I think they were having the "wham, bam thank you mam" discussion.


Whatever the deal was they worked out,seems to please both rabbits. They have been doing this nightly routine for the past two weeks. I cannot get over the fact Ethel punches Fred in the nose. It is without a doubt one of the funniest things I have witnessed in nature. Once again, it shows God has a wonderful sense of humor.  I expect a birth announcement any day. 

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